Polo Reef is a unique entity with the goal of helping to educate and encourage improvements in reef keeping, especially among young hobbyists. While the 17,000 reef tank is central to this process, the multiple other display tanks, holding tanks, quarantine facilities, and wet lab are all utilized to fulfill this purpose. This entity is not a one-person show but is instead a team effort where a number of experts in the hobby and industry will be utilized. As new information, procedures, and equipment come to light, they will be shared with the hobby. All of this will be shared via videos, brief articles, and photographs and it is hoped that as questions arise these will be answered in a helpful manner that will allow for them to be shared with everyone.

Polo Reef was established recently in 2022 with the website launching in September prior to the MACNA presentation given by Andrew Sandler – President of Polo Reef. We have begun organizing various philanthropical contributions related to the marine aquarium industry.

Polo Reef's Philanthropy

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Children Cancer Programs

Andrew’s philanthropical activities have been ongoing with a strong inclination to children specifically with cancer and mental disabilities. For the past 10 years and currently Andrew has been a board member for the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center East Hills, NY where various efforts including the Sandler Family Kehilla Center is helping young special need patients and their families. He has donated over $1 million dollars over the past 5 years to the cause. Additionally, Andrew has recently in 2020 committed to an additional $1 million dollars in donation over the next 5 years, of which the first portion of the donation was given in 2021.

Sunrise Association

Recently Andrew has also provided field trip opportunities for special need children to visit Andrew’s home and see his 17,000 gallon reef aquarium for therapeutic purposes. Andrew has been active a board member for the Sunrise Association since 2019 and has donated $500,000 over a three-year period to support young late-stage cancer patients with day camps, family and sibling support, and in hospital visits for cancer wards.

Levis JCC Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center

Furthermore, Andrew is actively engaged with the Levis JCC Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center named after Andrew’s late farther Harvey Sandler. WIth the important Harvey & Phyllis Sandler Pavilion cancer center in Boca Raton. Andrew additionally contributes substantial donations to various charities and hospital in the Boca Raton, FL area.


On Saturday November 12, 2022 Polo Reef donated a $5,000 scholarship under The Joseph A. Venuti Jr. Marine Science & Conservation Scholarship. Joe was an early mentor, supporter and pioneer in the ornamental marine industry. His business supplied ornamental fish to the New England Aquarium and many others on the east coast. Joe facilitated introductions to key figures in the industry, including the likes of Greg Scheimer to Julian Sprung. Polo Reef additionally donated approximately 60 Acropora coral fragments to be sold at the Boston Reefing Societies’ “Fragsgiving” event. The value of the corals is approximately $2,500 and the full proceeds of those coral sales went to a second scholarship for the same cause.

Education - E.O. Smith Coral Project

On February 2023 Polo Reef is donating thousands of dollars to the E.O. Smith Coral Project to fund the renovation/rebuild of their research tank system. The funding will be used to create a new frag grow out/research system in a storage room adjoining my classroom. The proposal is to renovate the entire room and install a ~320 gallon system into the room. The money donated will cover all of the materials needed to purchase the needed components, and all of the associated costs for plumbing, stands, and other necessities, opening the door for a wide variety of research projects for Jon Swanson's students.

Education - Norwich Free Academy - Conneticut

On February 2023 Polo Reef announced its collaboration with Norwich Free Academy and specifically supporting Ryan Czaja, Aquarium Science Marine Biology Zoology teacher. As a result Polo Reef has already donated funds in the thousands to the school's marine science program. Additional donation will also be made as their project progresses. The funds will be used to renovate existing marine aquarium systems as well and build new marine systems to further the potential of their
marine science program.

Education - Central Campus Marine Biology - Iowa

Working along side Dr. Gregory Brarod and Kirk Embree, Aquarium Science Instructor, Polo Reef is currently donating thousands of dollars to the Des Moines Public School - Central Campus Marine Biology program revolving around marine aquariums as part of the education curriculum. The funds will help renovate existing marine systems as well as add new systems for their program. Additional donation are scheduled as the current donation is applied and utilized.

Bob Stark from ESV Salt, collaborated with
us in this endeavor.

Reef Conservation

Polo Reef has collaborated with The Reef Institute and Coral Restoration Foundation in their amazing efforts to promote coral reef restoration in South Florida waters. These organizations take great measure to propagate and spawn Florida native corals and replant them in the ocean to re-build the quickly fading reef ecosystems. Polo Reef is working to provide further funding for various projects of importance.